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Sheree Parkinson, BrainSTEPS Co-leader

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Financial Awareness Counseling Tool
Some parents help finance a student’s college education, but many students end up paying for all, or a significant portion, of their college tuition. A good understanding of the types of loans, the amount of money they will need to borrow, and how much their payments will be when they are finished, will help them make better financial aid decisions. The Department of Education has created the new Financial Awareness Counseling Tool, which provides students with five interactive tutorials covering a wide range of topics that will help them better understand financial aid. The topics include: Understanding Your Loans, Manage Your Spending, Repaying Your Loans, Avoiding Default, and Making Finances a Priority. The tool takes students through a series of exercise that will help them calculate how much money they will need to borrow to pay for their education and how much their payments will be when they finish.

Ticket to Work Website:
The new portal,, is your entry point to program information, resources and news about our employment support programs. We provide many ways to connect with the Ticket to Work program! People who receive Social Security disability benefits and want to work, or are already working, can find…

Ticket to Work Webinar:
If you are interested in learning about the Ticket to Work Program or Work Incentives, you can attend a free Work Incentive Seminar Event (WISE) online webinar. WISE webinars are online events held for beneficiaries to learn about the Ticket to Work Program and available Work Incentives through accessible learning opportunities. WISE webinars are hosted on the fourth Wednesday of each month.
Career OneStop - Scholarship Search Tool:
Search more than 7,000 scholarships, fellowships, loans and other types of student financial aid. You can also filter your search results to find scholarships specifically for students with disabilities. For more information about this tool read the frequently asked questions.